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A crystal clear solution by pool owners for pool owners. Stop doing math to enjoy your pool. NO MORE SALES REPS in pool stores selling you one chemical that offsets another and things you don't need. <br> Get the ONLY THING YOU NEED when you need it.

Welcome pHPools, a pool maintenance application designed for and by pool owners. You may be wondering why we decided to create this tool. The answer is simple; we decided to provide our fellow pool owners with a tool that would allow them to maintain consistent above average quality of their pool water. Used properly pHPools can reduce our annual maintenance costs by reducing waste due to inaccuracies and provide a collaborative forum for owners to share successes while enjoying the pleasures of pool ownership. In addition, we wanted to give you an unbiased platform to allow you to grow your knowledge by saving your historical measurements. We hope that you will find pHPools a must have tool in assuring the health of your pool for family members and friends by monitoring and controlling the quality of your pool water filtration and sanitization systems.

Get instant access to features including:
Embedded User Video and Help
Stored Preferences and Actuals History
Chemical Change Calculations
Notes and Table Views for Information Management
Historical Recommendations and Maintenance Dates (BackWash, Pool Opening/Closing)
Pool Volume Calculator
Social Media and SMS Integration of Photos and Notes for devices that support messaging and social media.